Who We Are:

Supplier. Grocery Store. Discount Store.

You can personally use and resell our products.

Baratora is offering products lower than SRP.

Many people ask: Why are Baratora products very affordable despite being branded, original, & premium quality?

The answer is simple: We are buying original products straight from the factory as a GROUP to bring down costs, to get massive discounts. 

We have a huge community of loyal customers across China (Chinese, foreigners, OFWs, families, individuals, professionals, common people) who have been using and re-using our products since 2017. 

The products we offer at Baratora are no doubt all proven useful, effective, & original quality.

Baratora has been a hit for those best-deal-hunting individuals, people who want to get the best products out of their hard-earned money.

We no longer buy products on Taobao or somewhere else. If you buy on Taobao, you buy as an individual. 

That is why you pay a huge price for each product.


We offer FREE SHIPPING to all products we sell and supply.

Plus at Baratora, we add gamification elements such as: earning points & cash prizes!

Why buy expensive stuff elsewhere when you can buy original products at Baratora within your budget?

The products are mostly showcased in Chinese, but don’t worry. We carefully test each product for durability and quality.

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Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM