Baratora Shipping 101

We always let our customers know how shipping works at Baratora.

  1. Products are available for purchase within 3 days. All members have a chance to buy within 3 days. After 3 days, the product becomes unavailable. (They do come back, dont worry.)
  2. Since we are a group buy platform, we need to wait for other group members all over China to finish their purchases. Again, we are given 3 days to buy the product we like.
  3. After 3 days or on the 4th day, all orders are collected, quality checked, packed, and shipped to the buyers.
  4. Some buyers receive their parcels on the 4th day, some on the 5th, on the 6th and so on…
  5. If you happen to buy on the 3rd day and you perhaps live near the factory, you usually get the product the next day, on the 4th day.

This is how shipping works at Baratora. And all regular customers of this group have gotten used to this system. The products are affordable (you can save money), original-quality, but you have to be a little patient to wait for your order.

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